Full Song Production

Varies for each project (contact for quote), includes pre-production, editing, mixing and mastering of the song. Optionally, we can provide acoustic drum recording at an external studio as well.

Features full production and arrangement of your song. Will include rearrangement, production assistance and programming or arrangement of additional instruments or parts if required. This is achieved by:

  1. Pre-production in the form of a rough recording of the whole song, and hearing if the song requires any tweaks.

  2. Re-arrangement of the song will be done if necessary to fulfill your vision

  3. Actual Production will begin once, pre-production and the arrangement of the song is final

  4. Editing, Mixing and Mastering will be done once all the tracks are recorded

This process will take longer than the other tiers and the we will strive to create a quality song from ground up, ensuring that the fundamental songwriting, tracking and quality is achieved.