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We are Aeonix Productions


Aeonix Productions, located in Singapore, serves as a humble home based studio which was started in 2012. We provide a wide range of services for audio and video productions.

Our aim is to provide quality recording, and production service for bands. However the main vision is to ultimately improve the quality and quantity of available local music, by allowing affordable recording services so as to put local bands on the global map of music.


We provide full multi-tracked studio quality recording for your songs. You can choose to track drums takes with our E-Drum kit or an Acoustic kit at an external studio.

All recorded tracks will be mixed and mastered to commercial quality before they are released to ensure the highest of quality.

We do provide on location recording to provide professional multi-tracked audio recording for your live session or gig performances.

With fully mic-ed drum and guitar/bass direct signal recording along with all individual instrument files and audience microphones allows us to have the most control over the audio quality of your live recording.

Reamping is the process of taking a 'dry Input' signal of a guitar or bass recording and feeding it into an amplifier or a guitar effect processor such as our Fractal Axe-Fx II or Mesa Boogie Mark IV.

This process allows for unlimited tweaking to get the desired tone even after the part has been recorded.

Service open to worldwide. Feel free to contact us on the preparations required.

We offer our mixing and mastering services to both 3rd party tracks and tracks that are recorded with us.

Our Mixing and Mastering service includes editing of tracks such as quantizing, pitch-correction and audio cleanup.

Service open to worldwide. Feel free to contact us on the preparations required.

The services we provide are not limited to these four stated above, if you have any other inquiry feel free to contact us through the contact form.