Fall of Mirra - Bad Blood (Live @ Mosh Mosh 2)

Helped the Fall of Mirra guys with some of the video recording in their latest live video. They've just debuted a new song at the recent Mosh Mosh gig at Aliwal Arts Centre.

The audio in the video was mixed and mastered by us, courtesy of Ah Boy from TNT Studios for the stem tracks! Interestingly, the the overheads weren't miced up as such we used the high end from the camera audio to fill out some of the missing cymbal fidelity. Hey it actually turned out pretty well.

The band wanted more of a live feel to the track and therefore the camera audio was blended into the track quite prominently in this. Kick was largely sampled, but the snare is mostly live acoustic one, with a sample added just slightly to give it more decay and sustain in the snare.

heres the video below: